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Foster Care Process

Kindred Souls Foundation’s view on foster care: It is our intent to find the most suitable homes for the animals while they are waiting to be adopted. The foster family assists us in profiling the animal’s personality, behaviors and needs prior to finding an appropriate adoptive home. Observations play an important role in ensuring the best adoptive placement. Fostering an animal companion is a vital part of carrying out our mission.

Potential foster care screenings: It is our belief that animal companions should not be placed in a foster home until the home and family have been evaluated to ensure a proper "fit". We want to be sure we place appropriate animal personalities/needs in the foster home. We require an application be completed and reviewed by our intake team; an in-home visit be conducted with all family members to answer questions; and a home inspection be done to ensure there are no unidentified safety hazards (i.e., plants that can be toxic to animals, strings or other items animals commonly ingest) prior to foster care approval.

Application process: Once a written application is completed, turned in, and reviewed, a KSF representative will contact you to make arrangements for your home visit. We then keep your Foster Care application on file, so that we know if we have a suitable home for a referred animal. We are unable to bring an animal into our foundation if we do not have an appropriate foster home available.

Application submission: All completed written applications are mailed to:

Kindred Souls Foundation
ATTN: Foster Care Services
P.O. Box 88627
Steilacoom, WA 98388

Or faxed to 253-584-4332

Foster Care commitment: Fostering an animal requires an investment of time as well as an emotional and financial commitment. Kindred Souls Foundation covers ALL medical costs for the animal and supplies the foster family with the initial food, litter, and other items that may be relevant to the specific case. Foster parents are responsible for the following:

providing ongoing quality nutrition to the animal
providing social interaction, one-on-one nurturing, play, and exercise to the animal
transporting the animal to appointments
administering medication to the animal if needed
keeping the animal in-doors (with written exceptions as per the specific case)
maintaining a safe environment for the animal

Foster Care confidentiality: Privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Your name and contact information will not be released to anyone who is not a Kindred Souls Board Member, Chambers Creek Veterinary Hospital staff member, or other relevant person without your prior approval. At no time will a potential adopter know who you are, where your home is or how to reach you. All pre-adoptive meetings will take place in a neutral location such as Chambers Creek Veterinary Hospital.

  Our Hours:

  Monday - Friday: 11am - 6pm

No shelter facility- appointments to meet
  the animals are made direct with the
  animal companion's foster family on
  days/times mutually convenient to both


  Phone: 253-226-3135

  Fax: 253-584-4332

  Mail: P.O. Box 88627
  Steilacoom, WA 98388

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