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The Otis Diaries

Never Give Up Hope

Otis could have been a statistic. A Pit Bull who was severely abused and neglected and dumped at the Humane Society to meet his grim fate. It was, in fact, fate that saved him. Upon arriving at the HS, Otis was greeted by the Director of Humane Education, Bob Walter, who knew Otis had a purpose and needed to be saved. Our local HS did not adopt out Pit Bulls at the time, nor did they have funding for the considerable medical services Otis needed. Despite all odds, Bob reached out to us and asked if we would take this little lost soul. 

No one knows what happened to Otis prior to him arriving to Kindred Souls Foundation in June 2008 at approximately 4 months of age. He was emaciated, disoriented, confused, and unable to focus on anything. His body was riddled with marks from abuse and his spirit was non-existent as a result of neglect. Otis circulated through a total of six foster placements while we provided extensive medical services, behavioral assessments, socializing, and overall observations.

During his "rehabilitation" Otis slowly told his story to those who were willing to listen. New insights came forward from each person who actively partook in his healing process. Otis lacks the drive to drink water and has a heightened sensitivity to certain noises. Both areas are managed by ensuring he consumes the required water intake determined by his doctor (1.5 L) and by keeping him from the sounds that make him anxious (vacuums, power drills, drying machines).

Our team of professionals did a remarkable job helping Otis, as did the people who provided emergency foster placements along the way. It was time to find Otis a "forever family" or a foster family where he could stabilize until he found his adoptive family. It was then that we hit a wall. No one came forward to foster or adopt Otis and he was running out of time in his emergency foster home.

Through our massive networking efforts, the best thing that could have happened for Otis did- Dan and Joyce came into his life! Dan and Joyce, along with their canine pack Bogart, Lucy and Maya, have taken Otis into their home to foster until he can find his forever family! This family has fully embraced Otis. They work with him on a daily basis to help him feel loved, included, and wanted. They teach him how to behave and interact with others so that he will be more readily accepted in the world. As "The Otis Diaries" clearly show and tell, we could not have found a better family to take over Otis' care!

Enjoy watching Otis' progress!

Checking out the backyard of his new foster home

Otis knew right away that Joyce was a safe person!

Otis learning how to balance on driftwood

Hanging out a little longer than we needed to just to be sure
Otis was OK!

Quite obvious we had nothing to worry about! Who wouldn't
want to live in this foster home?!
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