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Project Homeward Bound Redefined

Project Homeward Bound was created in 2005 as an event to raise money for the medical treatment of our Foundation animals, and was our annual benefit until 2011. In 2011, we decided to make Unleashed at Stadium Bowl our annual fundraiser because of its originality and appeal to a broader section of our community.

Kindred Souls Foundation (KSF) has been a unique organization since our inception. In addition to finding homes for highly adoptable animals, we have focused our efforts on the animals who are frequently overlooked; the old, the sick, the unsocial, and the misfits.

These populations of animals are often labeled ‘unadoptable’ and they are not afforded the same opportunities as those considered ‘adoptable’; no space at shelters, no medical care beyond basic needs, and tragically no chance to live out their lives.

The financial responsibility, amount of time necessary for care, and the level of supervision required narrows the number of available adoptive homes significantly in comparison to animals needing ‘less’. We have always understood these very real complications and, over the years, created programs to address them. 

Our Senior Companion Program matches senior people with senior animals and KSF covers the costs of food, supplies, and medical care. Each animal has a case manager who delivers the food and supplies to the senior caregiver and coordinates transport for the animal to medical appointments.

Our Medically Fragile Program follows the principles of palliative care*. Animals with illness are paired with kindred souls in the community who have agreed to give the animal a home and family. The projected lifespan varies for each animal, but all require some level of special care. The animal’s support team consists of doctors, specialists, the caregiver(s), KSF case manager, and other KSF support volunteers. KSF covers the cost of food, supplies and medical/supportive care and emotionally supports the caregiver during the difficult times. *please visit the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care website to learn more

More often than not, our foster homes are serving feral kittens needing socialization or abandoned domestic cats who we have pulled from feral colonies and are in need of re-socialization. Socialization takes a lot of time and patience, but it is well worth it. A socialized cat can be successfully adopted out.

Our Long Term Care Program was created for the misfits. These are the cats and dogs who are not elderly or in need of special medical care, but who are a little too timid, require extra attention, or who have been passed over for more ‘attractive alternatives’.  We match these loving beings with kindred souls in the community who simply do not have the financial resources to adopt an animal companion, but who are committed to caring for an animal in need. As with our senior and medically fragile programs, KSF covers the costs of food, supplies, and medical care.

With the appropriate support (financial, emotional, and instructional), many of our families have found their choice to home these ‘unadoptable’ animals to be one of the most significant decisions of their lives.

Kindred Souls Foundation will continue to focus on these ‘high-maintenance animals’; it is where our hearts are drawn. This choice has consequences. It is expensive. Over the last couple of years, each of our medically fragile or senior companions accrues about $150 a month- $1,800 a year- for medical services, food, and supply costs. These animals see the regular vet and specialists more frequently, and require on-going medications and treatments.

It is time for Project Homeward Bound to reappear, only as something different. It is not an event, nor is it a location. Home is the location, and that is our future sanctuary. ‘Homeward Bound’ implies a journey, a direction, movement—an energy and decision to move towards our final destination. We ask you to join us in this journey.

We see the future in a phased strategy:

● Increase our capacity financially
● Increase our capacity in awareness of our mission
● Increase the number of animals and families served with our programs
● Find property in Tacoma on which to build our sanctuary
● Make the donated Graham property a satellite location to the sanctuary

We need your help. A monthly financial commitment to support Kindred Souls Foundation will allow us to move forward. Consistent revenue will allow us to make choices that are value based, not financially based. It will also demonstrate to philanthropists, banks, and foundations that we have community commitment and support.

Support Levels:

$25 a month will cover food for one animal companion
$50 a month will cover food and basic supplies (i.e., cat litter, potty pads, supplements) for one animal companion
$100 a month will cover the medications for 3-5 animals
$150 a month will cover the needs of one senior or medically fragile animal
$__________ will humble us all

Please remember that Kindred Souls Foundation is a 100% volunteer-run organization, a 501c3 not for profit organization, and a Washington State registered charity.

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