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More Kindred Souls Foundation Families

Our Foster Care and Adopting Families are truly Kindred Souls!  Because we take our foster and adoption screening processes so seriously, we have found the most perfect homes for our animal companions. Our foster and adopting families understand the importance of our mission and share the same expectations of the animal's care. It is with deep gratitude that we thank all of our foster and adopting families for the love and care they provide to our loved animal companions!

Meet some more of our animal companions who have found their "forever families"! Thank You to...

The Heusted Family for adopting Sarge

The Bahm Family for adopting Boo & Ebby

Glenda for adopting Annabella

Peggy for adopting Miss Kitty

The Ryan Family for adopting Keiko

The Kellogg Family for adopting Lily & Sam

Bonnie for adopting Naomi

The Crawford Family for adopting Oliver

Amy for adopting Pheobe

The Turnage Family for adopting Sterling

The Wilson Family for adopting Spencer

Shannon for adopting Tess
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