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Give to Lola's Fund

1. Donate any amount towards Lola's Hydrotherapy Sessions

2. Donate one $55 Hydrotherapy Session


Help Lola Recover with Hydrotherapy

was referred to Kindred Souls Foundation when her family could no longer physically care for her. She needed surgery on both rear legs after a series of accidents and now needs intensive physical rehabilitation. Lola's right rear leg was amputated and her left rear leg required pins and an external fixator.

Lola's surgeon recommends hydrotherapy for her continued rehabilitation. Hydrotherapy will assist in strengthening her remaining rear leg and will help her body adjust to a new way of moving.

Tripawd dogs can live long and joyful lives! Lola has a zest for life and a strong desire to share her story with others. Lola will go through training to become a Kindred Souls Foundation Ambassador so that she can help educate people on animals who are different than the norm. Her message is that all animals - medically fragile, senior, and special needs - are worthy of care and love. Our long-term programs were designed to serve these animals and guarantee them a loving KSF home until they no longer have quality of life.

Funding from this campaign will go directly towards Lola's rehabilitation hydrotherapy sessions. Sessions run $55 and she will benefit from 1-2 sessions a week. Any contribution you can make towards a session is helpful. Our goal is to get her started in March and to continue her sessions for as long as there is funding available.
Kindred Souls Foundation deeply appreciates your contribution towards helping Lola continue her journey of recovery so that she can play with the best of 'em while helping to bring awareness to those animals who need more than just basic care


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