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Cat- Basic Care

Dog- Basic Care

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Dog- Special Needs Care

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Give a Gift of Life

Give a Gift of Life

Gifts are tokens of love we give to our dear friends and family; gestures of kindness we give to new neighbors and co-workers; expressions of gratitude we give to hosts/hostesses and others who help us in special ways. Selecting the perfect gift to represent our affection or appreciation can sometimes be a challenge! Our members mutually agree that one of the best gifts we have received is a donation made to a charity in our name.

We have taken that concept and created Kindred Souls Foundation "Gift of Life" donation cards. Each card has a Kindred Souls Foundation rescue animal on the front and a message inside to the recipient. You can choose to make a donation in someone's name for Basic Medical Care or Special Needs Care and can select a dog or cat image.

The message inside the Basic Care card reads: A gift of Basic Care was donated in your name to a Kindred Souls Foundation animal in need. This gift will help spay or neuter, vaccinate, medicate, or provide nutritious food to an abandoned, abused or neglected animal.

The message inside the Special Needs Care card reads: A gift of Special Needs Care was donated in your name to a Kindred Souls Foundation animal in need. This gift will help an abandoned, abused or neglected animal receive surgery, specialty consultation, medication or other special services beyond basic care.

The message inside the In Memory card reads: May the memories of your loved one comfort you. A donation has been made to Kindred Souls Foundation in memory of your loved one.

Your name will be noted in the card as the person making the donation in the recipient's name.

Who are the good looking animals on the cards?!

Cat Card- Basic Needs (top image): "Madison" is an 8 year old sweetheart who was abandoned at a propane plant. Rescued by our Chairman, Maddie lives a charmed life!

Dog Card- Basic Needs (second image): Do they get any more handsome than 9 year old "Beau"?! Beau was abandoned and found emaciated and riddled with medical problems. Diagnosed with a heart murmur and tumors, this guy has really been through it all. Adopted by two of the most kind-hearted people, Beau now has a family who loves him and takes care of him as though he has lived with them forever.

Cat Card- Special Needs (third image): "Joy" was rescued on a cold dark night by our Vice Chair, Debra. We're pretty sure Joy doesn't remember her traumatic past now that she spends her days traveling with her adoptive family to places we've not even been! Talk about a rags-to-riches story!

Dog Card- Special Needs (fourth image): When you meet "Shep" you know right away he is all about the play! Completely oblivious to his own size, Shep will crawl into your lap before you know what's going on! Shep is in a foster home and patiently waiting for his forever family...wouldn't you love to come meet him?

Cat Card- In memory of... (bottom image): "Calvin" was the first Kindred Souls Foundation animal! Naturally, he resides with the founders, Brian and Kelly!

We will mail the card to the recipient and issue you a separate donation letter for your taxes.

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